_year: 2014
_duration: 2 months

„Värma is a minimalist packaging for tea pots with added value and additional benefit. It shows a likeness to the product and protects extensively at the same time. After opening, the packaging becomes the tea warmer.“ – DVI
Normally, when a product is bought, the box is thrown out right after... To avoid waste of packaging material I added an additional benefit. Värma is a tea warmer and makes serving and drinking tea a ceremony again. 
 The instructions can be found engraved on the cardboard of the packaging, telling you step by step how to build your tea warmer. This eliminates the need of stickers or any added plastic.

The packaging is made out of cardboard and is therefore ecologically and environmentally friendly. No plastic has to be used for its production. It’s made of a 100% waste-paper that can be recycled again.

Värma is a transport packaging. It keeps the tea pot save and protects it during transportation and sale. To prevent fire damage, the product packaging has been treated with impregnating spray and is designed to be flameproof.
Exploring the material graph of Keyshot has been a game-changer for me in enhancing product renderings and lifelike visualisations. Understanding the regulators, allows me to fine-tune textures, materials and lighting with precision.
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