_year 2014
_duration 3 weeks

Dahlia is a lamp design which I developed and built 1:1 during my 3-week internship at the modeling workshop of Braun in Kronberg. Working with a lot of paper and trying out folding techniques, led to this design. I combined wood and textil to achieve a pleasant and soft appearance of light.
The lampshade is made of textil and is attached to a metal frame. To support its folded structure, I attached a layer of transparent foil on the inside of the lamp shade. It prevents the textil from losing its sturdiness.
The twisted legs made out of wood are a central design element on which the lamp shade is mounted. The legs are dipped in a pastel green and harmonize with the light wood and textil shade.
The twisted legs also form a triangular structure due to crossing each other. They are a transition from the stand to the shade. 
The pattern I used is called 'Spans and parabola'.
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