_year 2017
_duration 2 days

Neve is a tape dispenser inspired by a single stripe of tape. It is a redesign of a traditional tape dispenser in a unique and beautiful simplistic way. Neve is made out of much less material than common tape dispensers.
Series of 3D prints 
My procesS _ After a whole series of prototypes made with a 3D printer I found the right shape and proportion. The tape roll sits steady and does not fall off (happend in the first prototypes). Step by step I came closer to the final shape. 
1:1 Prototype
 Easy manufacturing _ Stainless steel is a 100% recyclable and durable and feels nice in your hands. It also gives it a little weight. Thereafter it is bent four times around a certain radius  and the overlapping material is removed. The cutting teeth are sharpened and the anodized layer is applied.
Packaging _ The packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. It is made out of corrugated cardboard. Neve is a redesign of the traditional tape dispenser in a unique and beautifully simplistic way.
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