_year 2016
_duration 3 months

Self-heating Baby Bottle: ​​​​​​​Framed by my intermedia diploma I made a baby bottle which can heat up milk and pulp wherever and whenever needed without having direct access to electricity.
SCOPE _ This project concentrates on making parents less dependent on electricity when being out and about with their young child/ren. The goal was to create a portable system which reduces the items needed to being packed and brought to a minimum.
INSPIRATION _ I was inspired by Bentoboxes used in Asian countries to transport different sorts of food without getting them mixed. The food is stored in different compartments and stacked on each other, allowing a modular system.
Paper Prototypes
The bottle is put together of 5 modules which can be assembled in different ways. The battery module always sits on the bottom and consisting of a safe and organic Aluminium-Ion battery pack. It resists impact and is fully recharged within a minute. Developed at Stanford University, it is unfortunately still in a prototyping phase.
Prototypes of the lid concepts
Sustainable design _ The bottle is meant to outface different states of the child’s development. In the first months only milk. Later on, tea, pulp or soup for the toddler. Either way you can decide what to take and assemble it accordingly.
Exploring different concepts & approaches
The form follows the function of stacking and is simple and straightforward. The overall impression of the bottle is friendly, pure and trustful. Its appearance should appeal to children as well as parents.
The modules are connected by a bajonett system and can be reassembled with a simple turn. The heating wires surround the inside glass and transfer the heat to the food. The outside glass forms an isolating layer around the wires and makes it harmless to hold the bottle during the heating process.
I chose a unisex color to underline the versatility and longevity of the design. The light color enhance that feeling and the name „Smats“ connects an association to the sound of kids enjoying their food.
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